Rummy Guide

I must admit it's been a long time since I last played Rummy, but not because I didn't like it .

I simply didn't have anyone to play with...

Rummy Royal gives players a comfortable feeling in a relaxed, fun atmosphere, where you can play for free as long as you want or play for real money.

There are plenty of practice tables in addition to real money ones.

New to the game?

The interactive tutorials will guide you in plain language so you'll understand in a jiffy.

It took me just one round of Rummy to get the hang of it.

Longtime Rummy players will find their favorites here: Gin, Oklahoma and Kaluki tables are waiting for and your friends.

Want to play Rummy for real money? Simply click on the Real Money tab in the lobby and start playing.

I've seen online gaming lobbies before, and I have to admit that it is one of the best-designed ones I have seen: no unnecessary convolution ? just the information to get players started.

At Rummy Royal you can chat while at the table . and the lobby!

This is something I haven't seen before.

And when you've decided to play for real, Rummy Royal will give you a 100% sign-up match bonus up to $200!

In addition, invite up to 15 friends to play for real and you'll get a special $20 bonus for each player.

Rummy Royal adheres to the 3 S's ? service, security and support.

Rummy Royal takes its players and their privacy very seriously and provides a secure playing environment while keeping player details completely confidential.

Variety of Ways to Play

Ring Games

Ring Games, the closest thing to playing a quick casual game of Rummy offline, are a simple way to enjoy Rummy games when you just need a quick fix for a one, two or three-round game. Players are also not able to be eliminated from a Ring Game like they are tournament play. Points are counted at the end of one, two, or three rounds of play and the winner is the player with the fewest points.

Single-Table Tournaments

Single-Table Tournaments are a face-paced way to enjoy tournament play as 2-4 players compete for a larger pool prize. Players who reach the maximum number of allowable penalty points after several rounds are eliminated, and the remaining players share the prize.

Multi-Table Tournaments

Multi-Table Tournaments are designed to enable a large number of players to compete for a large pool prize. These tournaments test a player's ability to 'hang in there' until the exciting conclusion, exercising a level of grit, patience and strategy over a longer period of time compared with the shorter Ring Games & Single Tourneys.

Guaranteed Really Means Guaranteed

RummyRoyal Guaranteed Tournaments are popular for good reason.

In general, the number of people and their total stake amounts determine the pool prize.

With Guaranteed tournaments, if the total stake amount does not add up to the *Guaranteed* prize, RummyRoyal makes up the difference.

The Guaranteed prize is truly guaranteed; unless of course the total stake amount surpasses the pre-determined prize.

In that case, the prize increases accordingly.

Generous Incentives & Cash Prizes

RummyRoyal rewards its community of players with weekly and monthly special promotions and events.

With built-in and special bonuses for depositing players as well as instant and automatic free cash awards, RummyRoyal provides a host of incentives and prizes to its members.

Players are also awarded for inviting friends to play and new depositing members are automatically awarded a 100% Welcome Bonus!

RummyRoyal's Generosity Knows No Bounds: The Customer Experience

RummyRoyal offers the best customer service available and keeps in touch with its community through chat rooms and forums making a constant effort to enhance and improve the customer experience at all times.

RummyRoyal's dedicated staff of experienced industry professionals knows that it's the players who keep the excitement and energy flowing in the game rooms and keeping an eye and ear open for player feedback and suggestions.

Chance? Not a chance.

Rummy, the 3rd most popular game in the world, is a game of skill and strategy where players are able to lean on chance and probability to win.

Rummy players must be calculated and strategical at every move constantly observing the opponent's activity in order to determine the best course of action at every step of the way.

The element of skill not only keeps RummyRoyal games exciting and challenging, but the game's mental stimulation keeps players coming back again and again.